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How to come up with the perfect business name

Coming up with the right name for your business can be challenging because the possibilities are endless and you want to feel 100% sure before taking the next steps to bring it out there. I believe that this process should be a positive experience to find the right name that you feel represent your vision and ideas of the business. So I have created a quick and fun exercise to brainstorm what your business is all about in a creative way.

Business name exercise

This exercise is based on several creative workshops I’ve done to help you get all the words, feelings & terms into a very detailed overview that can help you understand why you are in this specific business and what you want it to represent. The goal is to discover the perfect business name that you are proud and happy to present EVERY TIME!

So let's get started!

The exersice consists of 3 steps





The first thing you will need to do is to try to remove any barriers that could stop the creation and free flow of new ideas and start with a completely open mind that allows listening to the right (sometimes unexpected) impulses.

Create a Safe Zone – It is very important that you feel comfortable and safe to get the creative juices flowing! Try to find a location where you have privacy and make sure to reserved plenty of time to do this exercise without distractions

Quantity over quality – the goal is to write down A LOT of words! Most of them will suck. Some of them will be so-so. Only a few of them will be good or even brilliant. So don’t hesitate to write down ANY idea or words that pops in your mind.

NO Judgment or Selection – During a brainstorm a lot of bad or crazy ideas that make no sense at all will come up. Don’t skip these. Write down EVERYTHING as they might lead you to another idea later on.


4 x Sheets of paper/cardboard

You will need 4 sheets, the bigger the better. The ideal would be to have 4 x A1 sheets hung on the wall so you will be able to physically move around between the different areas to write as the ideas come to you. But basic A4 paper can also be used as long as they are all spread out in front of you.

Pen / Markers

If you are going with the A1 cardboards, it would be ideal to have 4 different colored markers to use for each sheet. If you are using A4 sheets a pen will also do just fine.


Once the exercise is done, the next step is to start narrowing down the words you feel suits your brands and values best. So it’s great to have a fresh notebook close by to take notes of the words you feel are great strong words.


If you are like me and get wildly motivated by music, then pick your favorite songs to get the energy pumping and create some positive vibes in the room. (One of my favorites that never fails to get me out of the chair and jumping is Erick Prydz - OPUS, but you go with whatever does the same for you :)


There are 4 main categories to explore in this exercise:


Here you will find each category and some keywords to help you get the Juices flowing and get everything about these subjects out of your brain and onto paper.

The goal is to write down EVERYTHING that comes to your mind about each of these different subjects, so make sure to leave plenty of space around each subject.

Here is an example of how the first sheet should look as starting point.

Once you have the 4 sheets set up, it’s time to start running with the ideas. Don’t think too much, just write, write, write!!

The more words and MESS you have at the end the better! :)



ACTIONS: Name as many actions you take when working with your clients?

PRODUCTS: What are your products/services? Describe it with as many words as possible

COMPETITORS: What do you admire most about your competitors?

COMPETITORS STRENGTHS: Why do your target group buy from your competitors?

THE TOP: Who is the #1 in your industry? - Why do you think they are the best/biggest?


WORDS ABOUT ME: Words other people have used describing you?

AWESOME BUSINESS: What is the best things about working with this specific business?

CLIENTS FEELINGS: What feelings to want your clients to have working with you?

BEST PROJECT EVER: What is the project you were most proud of and why?

YOUR FEELINGS: What are some positive feelings you have when you are in action?


(IDEAL) CLIENT: Who are your clients / Who is your ideal client?

PROBLEM(S) : What is their main problem they need solved?

FEELINGS PROBLEM: Which feelings come with this problem?

SOLUTION(S): How do you solve their problem?

FEELINGS SOLUTION: What feeling do you want your clients to have when the problem is solved?


IDEAL REVIEW: What would you like people to say when writing a review about you?

MEMORABLE THINGS: Which are the things that people usually remember you by?

EXTRA SERVICES: What things do you usually do extra that are not in your agreement?

UNIQUE THINGS: Write as many words you can think of that sets you aside from your competitors.


By the end of this exercise you should now have 4 sheets packed with everything that you feel, think and have experience with in this industry. Hopefully you will now have a much better understanding about the personality of your brand.

It’s now time to start circling the strongest words from each sheet and write them down in your notebook. Once you have these words in the same page, you should be able to see a clear match to create the perfect name for your business.

I am always excited about new businesses so I'd love to hear what you came up with! Feel free to send me your ideas and I'm happy to give you some free feedback.

Should you for some reason not be able to find it yet, don’t worry - this time was spent well! The exercise is based on well known methods for entrepreneurs to get a clear understanding about the WHY, the goals, dreams and feelings of the journey as an entrepreneur. Having done this exercise should now have provided you with a clear vision for your company and brand, which can be your starting point for all aspects of the new business.

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