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JL Creative Services is based in sunny Barcelona which makes it possible to offer prices that suit the starter budget along with positive and creative vibes.


How it started...

During my 10 years working in the music industry bringing artists and Tour brands to the big stages and records labels around the world, I found a love for the creative side of the journey. Using my Graphic design and tech background I started helping entrepreneurs and startups around me getting their business developed and brought to the next level in my free time. The word quickly got around and before I knew it i had my business up and running working with amazing people chasing their dreams and goals.

My goals and vision

I understand how frustrating it can be having a great business idea you are passionate about and not only to be brave enough to pursue it, but then also face the technical challenges of the digital world or having a limited budget to get it off the ground. So I created JL creative Services to offer an affordable solution that could take that part of your hands so you can focus on what excites you.

Are you ready to take the next step, but not sure where to begin?

Don't hesitate to reach out - I'm always happy to give feedback and guidance.